Property Management Services

The level of property management services that are required is dependent on the type of site, owners or board of directors’ requirements and the budget constraints in place. Most condominium sites do require the full services of a Property Management Company like those offered by Pro Guard.


Below you will find an in depth breakdown of what Pro Guard can do for you.


  • Budget preparation
  • Monthly financial and expense reports
  • Collections of common element fees
  • Preparation of monthly payables and receivables
  • Banking requirements, deposits, cheques etc.
  • Investment management


  • Regular site inspections to discover any irregularities
  • Enforcement of the condominium policies, rules and regulation
  • Supervision of on site staff and/or contractors
  • Correspondence to owners and tenants
  • Insurance coverage and claim processing procedure


  • Working with Condo Corporations
  • Preparation and facilitation of annual general meeting
  • Ensuring accurate and adequate condominium insurance coverage
  • Attending board meetings
  • Prompt attention to complaints or concerns
  • maintain all corporate files
  • Preparing of status certificates and facilitation of sales through working with Buyers, Sellers and Realtors


  • Action plans for maintenance requirements
  • Repair and maintenance of all common elements and the assets of the corporation
  • Set any regular maintenance contracts with reputable contractors
  • Obtain and review with board of directors, tenders and quotes for maintenance of condo
  • Working with directors to help improve look and value of condo units


There are many specific benefits to Pro Guard Property Management. Over the years, we have secured a business relationship with our dedicated bank representative who works solely on condominiums and small businesses. Furthermore, we have a solid relationship with our insurance representative who has secured a preferred rate with increased services at reduced costs.